Why Build Assets?

I was sitting at my 9-5, completely drained, exhausted from sitting all day, cortisol coursing through my blood, feeing stressed. Unhappiness stemming from feeling chained to my desk with barely enough autonomy to get up and walk periodically to get coffee throughout the day. I would talk to myself thinking, if only I were making $1,000/mo through another income channel and if I knew I could build on that then I wouldn’t have to be chained here. I could build indefinitely on that wherever I wanted to. I could get up and walk throughout the day without feeling guilty, I could even go on a run whenever I felt like it, something that would be completely unacceptable at my 9-5. I could also begin to build a savings and asset portfolio that would have an astronomical ROI compared to any regular stock or uneducated investment.

At this point I understood the importance of assets, and building a passive to semi-passive income portfolio, and I was beginning to wrap my head around what was possible. This is when I started learning everything I could about passive income and investments and when I started investing in buying websites for myself.

My Investment Journey

Fast forward to today where my investments return themselves in 10-20 months, and even my first purchase “mistake” sites continue to bring in revenue. The sites bring in monthly revenue right away which I increase with ad optimization and organic traffic. Once the initial investment is made back each month is pure profit. I currently have one site returning $1,200 pure profit each month already having paid back the initial investment from 10 months ago, and my total portfolio is returning over $3,000 pure passive profit each month.

Here is my investment journey, including my mistake sites, that are still returning revenue, and my successful sites that are possible due to the lessons I learned from my initial investments, now returning their full investment in <10 months.

Date PurchasedMonthly Valuation Purchased ForAmount Started Making/MonthAmount Ended Making/Month% Of Purchase Price Made (So Far)Made Investment Back In X MonthsLesson Learned
Site #1 - 2016 - 2 Years Ago65X in actuality, was told 4X$20/month, was told $350$20/month25%Est 65 months🙁 Always verify revenue
Site #2 - 2017 - 1 Year Ago20X$500/month$1,000/month decreased to $200/month75%Est 27 months🙁 Don't invest in trends or short term fad sites
Site #3 - 10 Months Ago20X$370/month$1,200/month126%10 monthsThis is the type of site to invest in! I'll take an extra $1,200/month 🙂
Site #4 - 1 Month Ago10X$1,800/month$1,800/month, expected to increasePurchased 1 month ago, will update in 10 monthsEst 10 monthsGreat deal, looking to keep increasing traffic & revenue in coming months 🙂

I have learned a lot, and have some very successful sites, which I will keep investing in and improving.

Many people do not understand the value of wealth-building assets that keep returning a profit over time. Websites that make back their investment in 1-2 years and then continue to return pure profit for months to years afterward are an investment that will continue to pay off for years to come and be an incredible asset in any investment portfolio.

Sound like something you’re interested in having? Cool. Keep reading.

This is for anyone with considerable savings who wants to add a cash-generating asset to their investment portfolio. This is not a last ditch effort or for people who want to go into debt.

I take the time to find amazing rare gem websites, ie those with the potential to return your full investment in 25 or fewer months, then start to be pure profit.

These sites are not common. For example, I may have to sift through 200 or more potential sites to find a single profitable gem at a good ROI proce. A few good fit sites may come along in a week, or it can be months between sites.

Not only do I look for rare gem great deal, profitable, high ROI potential sites, I also use my online marketing experience to drive the ROI way up by increasing revenue per visitor and increasing visitors where applicable. So a site you could buy and make back the revenue in 25 months all of a sudden becomes one you can make back in 10 or 15 months.

I have experiences with ad placements, conversion testing, affiliate networks, relationships with ad network providers and experience combining all of these things to optimize ad revenue and increase monthly profit once a site is acquired. Optimizing the sites in this way allows me to not only find great deal sites, but to increase revenue, thereby decreasing the time it takes to earn an investment back.

My Investing Story In Detail

My story is not 100% smooth sailing, and it has been a huge learning and growing process for me.

My first website purchase I went in blind and did not even attempt to verify claimed revenue. Obviously, this was a huge mistake and I always not only verify revenue, but run common sense checks based on Google Analytics pageviews and industry RPMs. When I purchased my first site (for a very small amount of money, luckily), the website creator lied about how much the site was making, and I took him at his word instead of doing my due diligence and double checking the traffic and checking traffic vs revenue reasonability. Luckily this site was very low in cost and although I have only made back 25% of that investment with little to no hope of making back the rest, it was a great learning experience as I now double check all revenue claims, only buy sites with verified revenue, and use my knowledge of RPM and affiliate earnings to double check all revenue claims, even verified revenue, against Google Analytics traffic and industry RPMs.

My second website purchase was based on a popular iPhone game. My game app answer website was making $500/month through passive ad income when I bought it. I changed ad networks and created an app to run additional ads on. The first few months monthly income more than doubled to over $1K passive ad income/month. Even though the ad network change was extremely positive, I made a huge mistake purchasing the site because it was based on an application. Applications have an average half life of 6 months, and in a few months as the application declined in popularity it began to drastically decline in traffic. I made that purchase a year ago, and so far even though it ended up being a mistake, I have currently made back 75% of that investment and continue to earn money back. It will take another few years to earn the full investment back at the current rate, which is much slower than I would like. I have learned a lot from my investments and continue to learn and avoid making the same mistakes.

My third and fourth website purchases have built upon the experience and knowledge I gained through the first two purchases, which even though neither were ideal including being lied to and not considering the full picture of a timetable of a game application, I still ended up making most of my investment back. Building on this knowledge, the third and fourth purchases have both been very profitable.

My third website is a two website combo set, which I purchased at a 20X monthly valuation. That was 10 months ago and as of today I’ve made back 100% of the purchase price already plus an additional $1,600 and continue to earn $1,000 /month passive income pure profit. I was able to earn back my investment so quickly, in only 10 months vs 20, by increasing monthly revenue over 4X for the sites. The two sites were making combined $370/month, once purchased I have been able to slowly increase the monthly revenue by 4X to around $1,200 as of this current month.

These sites are in much more stable niches with user-generated content, making them much more passive and reliable. I also thoroughly checked into site traffic, verified revenue and ad network options before purchasing this site, a lesson I learned the hard way from site #1.

CostMonth 1 IncomeMonth 2 IncomeMonth 3 IncomeMonth 4 IncomeMonth 5 IncomeMonth 6 IncomeMonth 7 IncomeMonth 8 IncomeMonth 9 IncomeMonth 10 IncomeTotal Income

Not only has the site in the above example earned back 100% of the initial investment in 10 months, it also continues to make $1,200 in pure profit a month.

My fourth website I purchased 1 month ago. I was able to purchase this site at a steal, a 10X monthly valuation. My focus now is on increasing organic traffic/seo and keeping ad revenue RPM constant. Even making back this investment in the expected 10 months then continuing to get $1,800+ pure profit is perfect. My goal is to double traffic in the next 2 months. This is doable, and would increase revenue to earn back the site purchase in only 6 or so months, an incredible deal.

Interested in building your own website passive income portfolio or learning more?

If you are ready to invest in a site or would like to learn, message me [email protected] and we can set up a call to determine the fit. If the fit is right, we will pick your price point and you will be added to the waiting list.

As I come across these rare gem great deal ROI sites, I match them with names at the top of the waiting list and price point. When you’re at the top of the waiting list and a match for a site at your price point or lower, I will reach out with the details and you can choose to take the deal or wait for another one.

At this point I will handle everything for you. Finding the site, the negotiation, the site transfer process, optimizing ads and ad networks and tweaking SEO, then seamlessly handing off the site to you.

Why am I doing this?

Well, I don’t have unlimited capital to invest in hundreds of sites on my own, although as my own investments return cash I continue to reinvest that into new sites for myself, as this is the most profitable, passive, asset building income I know, understand and am comfortable with.

This is something I’m good at, and I’m able to make money for myself and others while giving people an incredible asset that has the potential to provide them with possibly their first taste of semi-passive income.

Anyone read rich Dad poor Dad? A good book I recently finished. A website that makes revenue monthly is an example of the positive “asset” column that most Americans are missing in their financial lives and investments.

A website that returns monthly revenue is a huge asset and a great way to not only diversify your investments but to add pure monthly profit as opposed to percentages up and down in the stock market.

Important: This is for people who have saved money they want to invest. I am not looking for people who will go into debt. Only contact me if this is something you currently have the money saved to invest in.

Disclaimer: All investments are risky, and there is no guarantee. I am fully transparent and give all available past revenue and traffic information and project that into the future as is and based on our ad network and SEO tweaks.

No one can control the future 100% or google etc. I want to make it clear that this is not a guarantee. It’s also not a lottery ticket. I would never buy one of those. It is a carefully selected, knowledge and experience backed investment, as the more the investor knows and understands before investing, the less of a risk it is.

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